Romfil Flotation Systems Systems

Romfil Flotation Systems Features

  • The Romfil Flotation System is a simple and cost effective system for juice clarification prior to fermentation.
  • The Romfil Flotation system avoids the high maintenance costs of a centrifuge and the hazards of handling DE when using RDV filter.
  • The Romfil Flotation system induces air/N2/o2 and gelantine into de-pectinised juice. The gelantine binds to the unwanted colloids in the juice as does the gas. This results in a particle with a high surface to volume ratio, lowering the specific gravity thereby allowing the particle to float to the top of the tank. The particles then form a scum like top layer that remains after the clear juice is racked off the tank. These solids (approx. 2% of the juice) are then handled as normal lees for the recovery of any additional juice.
  • Various unit sizes are available from 5000lt./hr. (RFS 50) to 30,000 lt./hr. (RFS 300).

RFS 50 with Motor Cover

RFS 100 with Motor Cover

RFS 200

RFS 300 with Motor Cover

Typical Flotation Results

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