Wine Barrel Cleaner Type BC 2

BC2 Machine Operation

A rack holding two barrels is lifted by a fork lift on to the machine frame. The corner guides ensure that the rack will locate centrally
on the machine frame. As the rack comes to rest on the frame the barrel support rollers lift the barrels off the rack unit to enable the operator to position the bungholes above the cleaning units. The cleaning units, each mounted on a vertical slide arrangemt can now
be lifted to the "Wash" position, inside the barrels. The cleaning unit slide arrangements operate pneumatically controlled by hand
lever valve. The wash cycle is activated by a push button and stops automatically after a pre-set time. The wash cycle time is
adjustable by the operator. The high pressure water flow starts and stops automatically with the wash cycle and safety switches
ensure that the cleaning units are in the "Wash", (up inside the barrels), position before the wash cycle can be activated.

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