Membrane Technology for Cross-Flow Filtration Systems

Membrane Technology Features

  • The Romfil Cross-Flow wine filtration process is based on wine flowing through the hollow fibres containes in the wine filter cartridge.
  • The wine passes through the wall of the of the hollow fibre into the clear cartridge shell, whilst retaining particles and turbiel matter in the membrane.
  • Product loss is kept to a minimum compared to conventional filtration procedures.
  • The membrane material is Polypropelene and its construction is a buddled hollow fibre capillary.
  • There are 2500 capillaries per menbrane with each capillary measuring 1.2mm ID. and 1.7mm OD. with a pore size of 0.2 microns.
  • The Romfil symmetric cartridges provide higher flow rates and sterile filtration suitable for pre-bottling filterability with only one mechanical pass through.

Cross-Flow Filtration

Membrane, Inner Surface, 2000x1

Membrane Longitudinal Crossection, 500x1

Membrane Segment Crossection, 100x1

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